Why you should display your contact details on a website?

Build Trust

As false websites (hoax, phishing, etc…) are growing on the web, web users are becoming more and more suspicious when browsing the web.

There are a few things that internet users are now looking at to make sure that the website they are using is genuine. One of these things is the contact details.
Why a website would not want to display its contact details? Are they trying to hide something? Having contact details on your website is a must.

There is low chance that someone will go ahead with a company if one doesn’t feel he/she can trust them.  Similarly, if someone doesn’t trust a company, he will hesitate to purchase its products. Therefore, having your phone number on display could greatly increase your conversion rate.

44% of website visitors will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number.


Offer Better User Experience

Consumers regularly have queries about a service/product that you offer. In order to make their life easier, displaying the contact details will give them better user experience.

Once on a company’s homepage, 64% of visitors want to see their contact details.
(Source: KoMarketing)

Where to place the contact details?

Web users expect to see a contact page in the main menu. So, once they’ve landed on that page, they should be able to see the following contact infos: Map, Address, Telephone, Agents….
Also, to give a better experience to users, it is also recommended to add the main contact details in the footer, so that it is visible on any page of the website.

Which contact details should you include?

Everyone has his preferred way to contact a company, some will prefer to send an email, some will want to leave a Facebook Message, and some others will want to phone. That’s why, it is important to give as many options as possible to contact you. We must cater for everyone!

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