What is a Good Customer Testimonial

We know that testimonials increase credibility, trust and therefore boost your sales. However, not all testimonials are the same, there are some key elements to consider for your testimonials to be a success:

Be Specific

Avoid testimonials which are too generic like “This product is great…” because it doesn’t tell your clients how your products could benefit them. You should rather select testimonials that are specific. Then you can place specific testimonials on the most relevant section or page. If you sell insurance plans, then you would place a testimonial of a specific insurance plan on the same page. By doing so, you also give yourself another way of talking about your product.

Don’t look fake

It is important to reassure your visitors that your testimonial comes from a real person by showing :

  • The name
  • The organisation
  • A photo

It helps them feel more secure and confident in what you’re claiming. Testimonials with only the name written but without photo are losing credibility towards visitors.  Research has shown that having the person’s photo increases the click-through-rate significantly. However, when you ask for your client testimonials, don’t forget to ask their permission to use their photo.

Place them on relevant pages

I would advise to put testimonial on :

  • Each product’s page and obviously the testimonial must be relevant to the page.
  • Home page (47% of users do not go further than the home page.)
  • About Us Page: The aim of this page is to give credibility to your company/brand, therefore testimonial is a must here…especially if you are a newcomer!

47% of users do not go further than the home page.

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